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Success Stories

"I began using Hydroxatone one month ago. I am 56 with normal skin texture. With the use of Hydroxatone I now have a peaches and cream complexion. I took my granddaughter to school the other day and her classmates thought I was her mother. I use it twice a day and hope to never be without it."

Teresa I.

"I have been using Hydroxatone for 3 weeks now. I read about the product from a post online. I read the reviews and everyone was so pleased with this product, I decided to give it a try. I absolutely love this product and have noticed much overall improvement with the look of my wrinkles. Mainly the ones around my eyes. My best friend even asked me what I was doing different with my skin because she said it looks so much better! Thank you!"

Lisa S.

"I was skeptical about trying Hydroxatone because I have tried many other products out there, very expensive and don't do what they advertise. I got my trial and after the first two weeks I knew I would not stop using it. I saw my skin getting smoother almost every day it was like a facelift in a bottle. I am very pleased and sure you will be too. Thank you Hydroxatone."

Angela K. (MD).


"I have a jar of the Hydrolyze undereye treatment and I think it is great it actually shrunk the look of the bags under my eyes I could not believe how good I look it took years off my appearance I am 55yrs old I look great!"

Lucille B. (Verified AF Customer).

"My wife and I have used Hydrolyze for 2 months and have noticed a considerable improvement on the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles. It is so creamy like butter but not a bit greasy and we LOVE it!!! Thank you for a marvelous product!!!"

Jay L. (Verified AF Customer).


"I just wanted to say the Instant Effect is just incredible! How just a drop or two of something can take ten years off of my appearance is mind boggling! Thank you so much for making this incredible product available!"

Christine G.

"I purchased the Instant Effect Serum Treatment. My friends keep asking me why I look so much younger. I also use the Hydroxatone AM/PM treatment, JUST LOVE IT. Thanks for creating these wonderful products."

Andrea M.


"I have used Hydroxatone instant wrinkle filler that was bought for me as a birthday present from my sister and I am so delighted with it!!!! I still have half of it left but I will buy it as soon as I run low on it!! I'm 52 and my friends thought I got Botox!!! I laughed and told them what I was using and I know at least 5 of my friends are now using the wrinkle filler now! It's a great product and I have tried some of the best out there. I recommend women that are getting a little older to buy this product! Thank you again..."

Diane H.

"I am a 53 year old female who has spent literally thousands of dollars on anti-aging products. Most of them did little more than put a little moisture in my face. Hydroxatone Instant Wrinkle Filler is the first product I've found that really makes a difference in the look of wrinkles on my face. Immediately after applying it, my face was much smoother and the wrinkles appeared diminished. I've been using the product for about a month now and am thrilled with the results. It's an amazing product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants younger looking skin without plastic surgery. This product took years off my face and you really can see the results instantly like the name implies!"

Linda R.

"Hi just wanted to tell you how much I love the wrinkle filler! It felt like liquid silk when I applied it. When my girl friend asked what I was using on my face because it looked so much smoother was thrilled! I was happy to share with her what I was using and highly recommend it to her!"

Michelle L.


"I have used Hydroxatone Intensive Youth Serum for 4 wks now, both morning and night. I was looking for an anti-aging product that was non-irritating to use all over my face and neck. My skin looks smoother, even-toned and hydrated. I feel comfortable taking my make up off early in the evenings and have went out without makeup on several occasions."

Corrie C.


"My eyelashes are very thin and short. I started using Lashatone about 7 months ago and have seen an increase in both the look of the length and fullness of my lashes. My husband noticed within weeks that they appeared longer, so we are both believers that the product works."

Christine P.


"I have been using Hydroxatone and the Hydroxatone Under Eye Lift Pads since March 2010. I have used just about any potion and lotion known to man, including products through the mail and store bought. I used to think cucumbers worked pretty good in the morning. I had not expected that a product such as this would work so well. (I only eat cucumbers now) When I really noticed what an impact it had on keeping my wrinkles at bay was when I ran out of the Hydroxatone products. I could barely stand the wait for my re-order. I also use the Instant Wrinkle Filler which is phenomenal. My friend asked me what I was using. She also asked me if I used Botox. Ha! I am a fan of these products for sure!"

Vivienne R.

"I love the instant eye lift pads. At the age of 47/48 I was noticing dryness & general ageing around my eyes and mouth especially. I had used them for several months, and my friends always said I looked so rested. I noticed the difference when I stopped using them, and now I just can't live without them. At 49 I feel good about my skin and am grateful to have found the Hydroxatone eye lift pads, which are really a bargain. Thanks for the help."

Julie M.


"I Love my toner, my face feels so refreshed, I just love the way it tingles, I'm sure I will feel much younger as I use this product. Thanks Alot!"

Sharon J.

"I have to say these products have become my best kept secret! I started to see a difference in the overall appearance of my face after first using only the age-defying toner I'm a busy mom with 3 kids and don't have time for complex, pricey products that are essentially ineffective. After trying the toner I called and ordered the milky cleanser and am/pm anti-wrinkle cream and this 3-some has been a slam dunk!!! Thanks Hydroxatone!"

Nakeisha H.


"I have been using Hydroxatone Gentle Milky Cleanser for 6 weeks. I tried this cleanser because I was looking for something that wouldn't dry my skin out in the winter or feel oily. I can't believe how clean my skin feels and looks. It really is a "gentle" cleanser."

Stacey W.

"Hi, I really love the daily cleanser, it seems to leave my face so clean, smooth & non flaky, I would really love for you to send me another bottle other Hydroxatone Gentle Milky Cleanser. Thanks so much for having such a great product."

Gina F.


"I have used Hydroxatone Age Defying Tanner for 3 months now, and I like it, my husband can even tell the difference and this was before I let him know that I was using the Hydroxatone Age Defying Tanner, even my best friend can tell. People tell me all the time that I look a lot younger then I am. I will be 54 this July. Thanks Hydroxatone..."

Pamela B.

"I am in my fifties and decided to try Hydroxatone Age-Defying Self Tanner. I tan in a tanning salon twice weekly but always keep my face and neck covered. I have tried other self tanners with no success. I was most impressed with the Hydroxatone product as it goes on smooth and silky and does not stain my fingers. It blends beautifully with the rest of my tan and gives my face and neck a healthy looking youthful glow. I love how the moisturizing properties minimize the look of my wrinkles. I am very pleased with the results. Maybe it is time to stop fake baking all together!"

Linda S.


"I have been using Hydroxatone Microdermabrasion for about 2 months now & love it. My skin is radiant and I saw results within just 5 days. My skin tone is more even. Just the other day a younger male laughed after he asked me for my ID & said "wow". He actually thought I needed to be asked (: "

Autumn S.

"I ordered the Microdermabrasion and once again find it to be a excellent product. My husband asked me what is different about my look that my face looked younger and I told him I just started using a new product call Hydroxatone Microdermabrasion. It really works and I will continue using this product.."

Jeanne H.


"I found that the Celtrixa faded the look of my stretch marks very slightly. Over all I do like the product. It has made a change with my body."

Tiffanie V.

"I have been using Celtrixa for about 3 months now and for just recently having a baby my stretch marks look so much better. They have lightened up so much I truly love it."

Tiani L.